La Une de "The New Yorker" - Juillet 2014



Just for two

Just for two
this quiet morning avenue
Last night
New York City sang our song
in midnight blue as we danced along
Now Sunday morning brownstones rise,
Sun light turns to kiss your eyes.
We met sipping coffee near Washington Square,
all the time in the world with room to spare.
Your smile, your lips, vibrations embrace.
My hand touched moonlight upon your face.
A ray of light moves through your window pane.
Life with or without you will never be the same
Think I’ll skip work for a new kind of play.
It’s just a New York kind of day.
Just for two
The way your eyes meet mine
A new day begins to shine.
Just for two. Ah, just two.

Love poem by James Coburn

La vie est un voyage.
Je vous emmène ailleurs ?

On se lâche...

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